Nuking The Fridge - LIVE!

by Sounds of Salvation

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Recorded live on the Nuking The Fridge tour, November-December 2011.


released February 29, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Burst [Live!]
I’m so excited by your love for me
It’s everything I want and everything I need
But how can I respond to something like that?

My love for you should just explode
Like the chest-burst scene from Alien
That’s right although that metaphor’s kinda weird!

I wanna be with you forever
I wanna be right by your side
I wanna worship you in heaven
I wanna sing your name for all time

Who put the colours in the rainbow, man?
It’s a collection of reflection and refraction and
Biological responses to light. God rocks!

No apology for our sentimentality
Our God’s bigger than totality
Even fatality could not keep him down
Track Name: You Are [Live!]
Long time ago when this story starts,
Everything was quiet everything was dark
The earth was empty, waiting for its cue.
Over the water, there your spirit moved

And then you spoke the words of life.
You commanded light to shine
You divided day from night and you saw that it was good.
You put fish into the sea
You made all the plants and trees
You even created me and you saw that it was good.

Before the beginning of the world (YOU ARE)
After the ending of it all (YOU ARE)
Alpha and omega You are Lord (YOU ARE x3)

A crowd of countless people stand as one
From every nation, every tribe and tongue
The singing drowns all music but its own
We’re standing before the eternal throne

And it’s you, the centre of it all,
You at your feet we fall
You; it’s your name we call. You are worthy of our praise.
You: the only holy one.
You, now the battle’s won.
You; Father, Spirit, Son, you are worthy of our praise.
Track Name: Anthem For A Broken World [Live!]
Verse 1
Don’t tell me you can’t read my mind
This whole disease spread far and wide
Unending love that’s gone to waste
The tears are streaming down your face
But you hold on to what I am, and you have got a plan

Save me, oh save me from this broken world
Save me, oh save me from this broken world
You can put me back to rights; you can save my life
Save me, oh save me from this broken world

Verse 2
From the street we live in to the whole world wide
Web of evil lies inside
It must be so tempting just to say;
“to hell with you, I’ll start again”
but you hold on, you never let go. You meet me where I am.

Repeat chorus


Final chorus
Save me, oh save me for this broken world
Save me, oh save me for this broken world
You can put me back to rights; you can save my life.
Save me, oh save me; save this broken world
Track Name: Son [Live!]
Verse 1
Son of the most high God, eternal living one.
I can’t conceive the love he has for me.
You name is morning star, how beautiful you are
The knowledge of your love has set me free.
There’s nothing; there’s no-one who can compare to you

Jesus, son of God.
Jesus, ruler of the universe, all heaven and earth.
Jesus, God most high.
Jesus, reigning at the father’s side for all time.

Verse 2
Beginning and the end, the heir of everything
The author and perfector of our faith.
Blessed and only ruler, first born of all creation
Atoning sacrifice for all our sins
There’s nothing; there’s no-one who can compare to you.

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus
Repeat chorus
Track Name: You Know [Live!]
I'd like to tell you how much we love what we do
We drove 200 miles to worship God with you
And now we're here we're going to rock the party right!
So grab your skanking shoes and dance with us all night

Another town, another gig, another city
Another night sleeping on the church floor just the same
Somehow the girls still manage to look pretty
The rest of us rough as a badger's arm pit once again

You know, we're going round again
Hey yeah? We're coming back again.
Oh well, we're on our way again?
You know, we're coming back again for you.

Lekai plays a phat rock beat and Simon plays trombone
And Hannah just told me she forgot her microphone
Pete, we know this is the place, we've all known for some time
We're standing here right next to you, we too can read the sign!

Another night, another gig, another evening
Another afternoon writing lyrics once again
Sometimes our songs never quite get finished
Na na na na na, na na na na na na na

You know, we're going round again
Hey yeah? We're coming back again.
Oh well, we're on our way again?
You know, we're coming back again for you.
Track Name: The Facebook Song [Live!]
Facebook. Everyone I know loves Facebook. All of my best friends are on Facebook.
That’s why they are my best friends!

Facebook. Her Majesty the Queen is on Facebook. Even Tim Hughes is on Facebook. And he is my best friend.

Everyday I count my friends to make sure they’re going up again.
I’ve got to be more popular than you!

Facebook. I’m liking status updates on Facebook. I’m E-procrastinating on Facebook. I wish I had more friends.
Facebook. Starting loads of pointless groups on Facebook. I’m stalking my ex-girlfriend on Facebook, ‘cause she is my best friend.

Every hour of every day Facebook steals my life away.
I’ve got to be more popular than you.

Myspace. I’m friends with loads of bands on Myspace. Am I in your top 8 spaces on Mypsace? ‘cause you are my best friend!

Myspace. There’s a whole world waiting for you on Myspace. I could spend my whole life on Myspace. If Facebook weren’t so cool!

Sometimes I wonder if there could be more to life than virtual friends!
But I still have 10 more friends than you.


Facebook. I’m friends with Jesus Christ on Facebook. I’m checking out His status on Facebook. ‘cause He is my best friend.

But he said, that actually he just wants me to know him. Like in person, face to face, wants me to know him. Way more than a Facebook friend could ever know him. He really really really really really wants me to know him. (repeat for ages)
Track Name: Over All [Live!]
Your name is high above all other names.
Your glory shines for all to see.
You are the only one the angels praise.
The stars reflect your majesty.

You are Lord over all, over all.
Yes you are, you are Lord over all, over all.

You came down to earth to show the way,
And you died so we could live.
You made the perfect sacrifice,
So that the father could forgive.

Repeat chorus

Your love is stronger than my brain can know.
Your mercy’s wider than the sun.
Your truth is bigger than the atmosphere.
Your power has beaten death and sin.

Lord of Lords, King of Kings, you are over everything.
You have beaten death and sin with your love.